"What if?" book, edition switch - quirk on Amazon.in

I accidentally landed on two different paperback editions of the renowned book "What if?" on Amazon.in, just by switching between Ebook(Kindle) and Paperback format. One would usually expect to land on the same newest Paperback edition page with this simple action, but it doesnt - so I would say, its a harmless bug with their UI.

Here's how it happened - just 2 steps to switch from newer version webpage to older version.

  1. First, go search "What if?" on Amazon.in (in All categories) and on the result page click on the first book named What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions - It should now show you the book page with the Paperback edition highlighted and the current cost (default one) is Rs.302.

  2. Now, choose the Kindle edition and after page reloads, note that the new page shows Paperback format price as Rs.263.

  3. Then again, switch back to the Paperback format by selecting it and voila, you are now shown the older edition of the book - which it usually shouldnt.